Founded in 2002 by Kevin Ingles and Martin Donnelly, ID Construction quickly set about building a strong track record and reputation for delivering safely, on time and within budget on every project they undertook.

Initially concentrating activity around the private sector Residential and Healthcare sectors the company has since grown steadily to extend its service range out to now include national Retail and Commercial delivery for leading UK brands such as Primark, Volvo, A Plant and Co- Op.

Both Kevin and Martin have been in construction industry for over 30 years and they continue to lead ID Construction with a clear focus on maintaining high standards of delivery and customer satisfaction on every project they undertake.

Company Vision

Our Vision is to be recognised as a leading organisation that delivers on time and on budget, every time, in a safe and reliable manner. We want to be respected by clients, suppliers and peers alike for our hands-on approach and high levels of communication, sharing in the benefits of delivering every project right, first-time.

Values for the company


We will always be open and communicate all maters in a clear and concise fashion. We pride ourselves on being a contractor who ‘wears their heart on their sleeve’ and will ‘say it as it is’, every time.


Everything we do is underpinned by an approach to conducting business in a fair and equitable manner. We guarantee a ‘rock-solid’ and unimpeachable approach to managing everything we do for & on behalf of our clients.


We are dedicated to maintaining highly professional standards and draw on our vast experience in our day to day business activity, but we also recognise the need to keep abreast of changes to working practice that will benefit all and will ensure we implement them where appropriate.

What We Do


space-desk-workspace-coworkingHere at ID Construction we understand what it takes to manage a modern commercial workspace project to a successful completion. We have the necessary skill and experience to deliver Shell & Core projects and fitting out to Cat A or Cat B specifications on office interiors across the UK and we are often called upon to fit out in live office environments where our excellent levels of communication and customer management come to the fore.


retailA major sector for ID Construction and one where we have built a reputation for consistency of delivery on time, cost and quality, an imperative for Retailers who seek to deliver a cost-effective solution time and time again across their entire property portfolio. We have become experts in managing live environment and out of hors projects. We are a key service provider to several national Retail names and continue to grow in this sector.


residentialThe roots of our organisation and where even today we still deliver on some very bespoke projects for our private sector clients. Using either traditional or modern methods of construction our clients and consultants have called upon ID Construction to deliver on their exacting needs time and time again.


healthcareWe have the experience to manage both private and public sector healthcare projects anywhere in the UK. Often called upon to manage the very sensitive commercial challenges that come from delivering in this sector coupled with exacting standards of design and delivery to ensure projects are delivered in and effective but efficient manner.